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Hi Loa,

Well, as the answer to your question if I think that the mummy of Hatsepsut is someone else? I would say: Yes, I believe it is someone else.

It is nice to hear that you believe that my perceptions are real and true. Some are and I have it verified, with this, I can only describe my impressions.

Regarding reconnecting with sections from past lives that were very unpleasant, I would say, I have found my self starting to breathe through the the painful events using rebirthing breathing.

The process is the same. Time does not seem to be relevant. Regardless of if the trauma has stayed with me from my childhood in this life or from an incarnation 10 000 years ago or further back in time than that.

Releasing the pain stuck in the cell memory or where ever it has remained seems to be the focus for the intelligence that rules this. I don t know how or why. But this is what I have noticed. And over the years I have heard many other rebirthers decribe similar experiences, when in contact with previous incarnations and when dealing with releasing old traumas. But one can never decide when or where, some intelligence seems to be in charge of this within us, I mean.

From a time when I was being transported as a slave over to America on a ship. This has been hard for me to even get in touch with. Only with people I felt completely safe with, this could surface in the present to be released somewhat, with the support of their presence, going through this trauma, was possible.

And after a breathwork session for instance, I would feel, lighter, as if a weight has been lifted off of me. A burden is gone.

I would say that every trauma and any unplesant undealt with emotion pressed away deep down into the sub-conscious is pulling us, taking from us a high amount of our focus and energy from being in the present moment where life is actually happening. So, I would say that this is the gain in going back to release it. To bring us more to the here and the now.

Does that make any sense to you at all?

Btw, how is your personal development and spiritual journey unfoldning?


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