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Default Italian Stuffing

Hi all:
Well it is not Thanksgiving but this recipe can be used with chicken, ham or even as a side. There are various ways it can be used.
So here it is:
Traditional Stuffing:
Cook white rice about 8 ounces
1 large yellow onion chopped.
sliced mushrooms 6 - 8 ounces
Saute onions and mushrooms in either oil or
margarine, can use butter if preferred
8 ounces chop meat
4 sweet Italian sausages
COOK the sausage and meat seperate from onion and mushrooms.
Drain the sausage and chop meat on paper towels after mixing it altogether, aka the sausage and chopped meat.

You then mix it altogether, season with a little garlic powder and breadcrumbs.
You can save it on the side or stuff the bird of your preference.

You can substitute either turkey or chicken sausages.
Use I Can't Believe It`s Not Butter, Safflower Oil instead of Vegetable Oil or
Corn Oil. Olive Oil is also a good sub. But the saffaflower is best.

Of course you can substitute brown rice for the white rice. Some prefer not to use mushrooms, but that, is, of course, optional. And there were times I added green peas.

So there it is for people watching their weight and calories. Or if you want the more daring original Italian recipe there it is. Another idea is to serve this with cooked or spiral ham.

Just use smaller portions for the less healthier one if preferred.

Thank You.
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