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Thank you all so much!!! What a crazy "trip"! Literally, my boot got caught on the carpet at work and down I went, twisting my left foot and falling into a credenza with my left side...oh my...And it was on Peg's birthday, we were about to go out for lunch to celebrate. Instead we went to the Emergency Clinic for xrays. Severe sprain, I swear it hurt worse than when I broke it some 13 years ago - that is when I found So, I know there is good in everything - just have to look for it sometimes.

Grateful to have Peg (aka Sweetpea) here to take care of me. What a blessing she has been. Will be going back to work tomorrow in my boot cast. I know the healing will be much quicker from now on.

Sean is in the hospital with Crohn's symptoms and bladder infection. Please continue sending your loving healing energies our way. We so appreciate you all in our lives and thank you for your continued support. Thanks, Cher, for everything...

Love you,
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