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Default Intense Dreams

First Sunday in February

Movie titled 'Kamikaze' starring Quill and Quinn with a punch line of a test of strength to decide whose love the heroine will ocuppy her time with. I looked it up on wiki in the dream.

Next night I dreamed a company had occupied a decrepit coastal position. A note was discovered describing the place as 'Beach Miami' and left a couple of phone #'s from someone who wanted to return; Then an officer complained saying there was no electicity upstairs and I replied that we could make it work.."Can Do!" and took the initiative to sort things out.
A small grimey hatch protected a basement from an emplacement that appeared to be a metal-topped glass globe. "What is that?" I asked, "A fold-over," came the reply, "Haven't you ever played a fold-over?"

Last night I dreamed a group of protestors leapt from a ship in an act of protest and were summarily shot and thrown back when hauled out. "They were literally rising from their graves." someone said.

Then I dreamed of looking into a valley then appearing in the valley and announcing my intention to join a pale looking figure on a rock. "Now is the hour of your death!" the pale figure said. But as I leapt to the rock I pulled what appeared to be a 2x6 board down onto the fiures foot and as they bent over knocked them head-first into whatever was beneath the rock.
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