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Default Hi! Deb and Peg and Sean need your prayers....

This is to let you all know that Deb, Peg and Sean are in need of healing energy.

Deb fell the other day and sprained her ankle. She is having trouble getting around and is having to stay home from work. She is bruised and swollen on her ankle and has other bad bruises incurred during the fall. Pain medication has not been working for her.

Peg is caring for Deb and has pain issues of her own.... She is getting some relief from pain medication but could really use your prayers at this time.

Sean has an infection and is in the hospital again, in pain and discomfort. His infection is slow to clear up this time.

These three are our family and are so in need your love, light, and healing energy. I am asking for your prayers for their highest good. I know these have worked before and will do so again. Thank you everyone. Love, C.
HAND, Cher O.

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