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Originally Posted by nyspirit
Hello Chi,

I wish I had such a cavalier attitude like yours....LOL !
Maybe that's good to live and let be.


Not sure cavalier is the right word; maybe resigned
(not completely resigned but a little)
i grew up in the streets pretty much. From the time
i was 12, i was rebelling big time against my father
and i finally ran away from home when i was 16;
literally with broken ear drums from a blow to my
head, never to return again. True story. So from the
very start, the world was not a stable place for me.
Not my world anyway. Too funny...
But in my early 20's (back in the 70's) i came across
this elderly Jewish man who changed my life.
He owned a well known big home improvement
company here in the Chicago land area and i had
applied for a job at one of the main branch. He
would watch me ( i'd see him from the corner of my
eye) and think "oh another old sleeze ball who wants
to get in my pants". But that wasn't the case at all.
Later he would tell me it was my street wisdom
that intrigued him. Time would pass and in the
months to come he took me under his wing
(never laid a hand me sexually) and taught me
everything there was to know about sales and
marketing and business. And he put me in charge
of lead generation for all 6 branches. i worked for
him for 25 years.
Anyway, one of the things he used to say was:
"When you are worrying about something, ask
yourself if you have any control over the situation
right now. If you don't, stop worrying about it.
Only focus on what you have control over.
Otherwise you waste energy that you could be
applying to solutions around the problem"

This applies to everything and anything in life
including the world.
Do i have great reservations about all this growing
technology that is putting thousands of people out
of work and invading our privacy? Yes. Do i see
the perplexities involved in switching over from oil
to more earthly friendly energies like solar and wind
in a world economy that thrives on oil and war products?
Yes. Can i see the confusion the animals and plants
are going thru in the midst of all this climate change
and global warming? Yes.
But i don't have control over these things. i only have
control over me. Like Brit said, try to be the best i can be.
Create within yourr own private world a world of passive
resistance, of love and understanding and forgiveness
(not just for others but yourself too) and compassion
and any other good thing you can think of. Every day
some small act of kindness. It's like that old Crosby,
Stills, Nash & Young song "Wooden Ships".
"We are leaving, you don't need us." We are creating
and must continue to create our own worlds. Watch
your thoughts. When you start to worry; is it some
thing you can control right now? If not, stop and
focus on what you can control. Easier said than done,
eh? i know... but try to stay positive, always in search
of the magic that life brings now and then.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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