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Thank you Loa, I will do whatever is in my power to keep living my dreams.

What you mentioned about wishes and regrets of the dying is truly a lesson that we shouldn't ignore.

Then I must also mention, in regards to what I suspect could have been some of my previous incarnations here in Egypt. I decided to revisit the Egyptian museum for entertainment purposes but primarily in order to, once and for all, investigate further into whether I would/could "recognize" anything in the museum, as some kind of validation to my "memories" from the glimpses I have been receiving in regressions from around the period of when Pharao/Queen Hatsepsut was ruling Egypt.

First thing that I noticed was that there was one room I experienced a strong sense of unease toward. So signifcantly overwhelming it made me feel reluctant to enter.

One was that from the period around the New Kingdom.

So I passed it by, and kept on walking until I, upstairs, felt compelled and drawn to some rings. I discovered one that I felt it was belonging to me.

Unfortunately, I couldn't interpret the arabic text next to it.

Last but not least, in my exploration for something connected to my regressions about Hatsepsut, I was truly in the right Place since her mummie was there.

As I was standing next to the mummie of Hatsepsut; I felt NOTHING. No recognition, at all!! And, For a moment, it felt as if my old "me" from that incarnation, whom seemed to have been more authoritative in nature than I am today, reacted strongly with: Who is that???!! That is NOT the Queen!!!

When I attended a course in Parapsychology I learned about how energy can stick to objects and things, so then if some energies would remain attached, not the soul, but energy memories, to the body of, in this case, a mummie. Is it that far fetched really?

Next thing I did was to walk over to the mummie of her half-brother, and here I felt instant recognition, it was the recognition of energies. This would be from Thutmose II. I could swear as I was picking up the energies around this "body" that this was someone, when he was alive and thriving, that I used to know and get along with, that he was almost like a brother to me.

As opposed to the previous they claim belonged to Hatsepsut.

And why I experienced such discomfort around the room of the remains from the New Kingdom which is from the time around when Hatsepsut and Thutmose II were ruling baffles me. Perhaps I died in an unpleasent manner? Or I just took in energy memories from events that had occured around these remains?

It is so hard to find clues to other life times in museums. For me at least. So this felt like a unique opportunity. I could have misperceived the information I was receiving during the regression. However...when in Luxor, 20 years ago, I was not searching, the deju vu, caught me by surprise, and it was soo powerful.

After I could see, indeed very clear images of me and someone similar to Hatsepsut and now that I am writing this I recall: the end.

Her end, was an extremly tragic suicide. And I never recovered fully after that happend, judging form the regression. That would even explain the unease about objects from that area. Maybe my soul, was reminded of the loss of a loved one in a very tragic way?

Blessings from Egypt,

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