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Smile Thank you all!

I appreciate your responses, Shirley, NYS, and Brit. I usually go to bed between 10:00-10:30 so it will be simple for me to feed the cats, and give Roxie a snack, half an hour earlier.

I was surprised to find out I am already taking 3 mg every night in a supplement called Benesom ( It is the best sleeping aid that I have found since I was in Germany and took something there with valerian and magnesium combined. Benesom combines calcium (70mg), magnesium (140 mg), Chinese skullcap (400 mg), passionflower (200 mg), melissa lemon balm leaf extract (150 mg), valerian (100 mg), hops (50 mg), and melatonin (3mg). I will incorporate your ideas, including retreating into a dark room after I take it. Of course, Roxie will have to join me.
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