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Default Wonderful Thoughts of Wisdom & Truth Brit


Thanks for being so present and offering your wonderful thoughts of wisdom, truth and compassion. We all should be more like you. You are an amazing role model. I remember when we first chatted in the chat room, I sensed you had that extra something special.

In a strange way I feel somehow responsible for the state of the world conditions, and I believe that everyone else does too. After all, there is only one of us here. I think on a very deep and profound level we all want to save the world and each other. It's our soul's inherent essence and nature, to be at peace, in love, nurturing and united with one another.

I also believe that is why I am so disturbed and frustrated with the state of the world on a regular basis. Maybe I am feeling guilty that I contributed to this mess and I can't fix it. How crazy is that ! I'm not sure that it is. I think whatever I'm feeling, so are my soul brother's and sister's.

I believe in happy endings. I believe in LOVE and I believe in myself.

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