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There are many feeling what you are feeling. I'm not one of them. Yes, I see the troubles facing this world and its inhabitants but I also know (operative word is know) that all is not lost. I know Nature is cleaning but that her cleaning is not unusual. I know that some people appear to be completely loosing it, but I know that more are centered, grounded and progressing. I know what love is to me but I can't define it for you or anyone else because it has become an abused term. I know that in the greater spectrum of Creation I can only change me and be responsible for me and allow that energy I manifest flow to others. But I also know that I cannot (and don't want to) control them or what they experience from me. I cannot be responsible for their actions, only mine. I can only be my brother's keeper if they accept my invitation to help.

I know I can only be the best I can be and improve upon self constantly.

I don't think we will - in our lifetimes - see a world without boundaries. But to me the boundaries are political anyway. My passport - to my way of thinking - is a paper with a happy face that permits me to experience other peoples, their cultures and their worlds. It isn't a boundary or a hinderance - it's an invitation. But then I look at the differences in peoples and cultures as an opportunity to understand myself better.

There's absolutely no reason why we can't walk into restaurants now and smile and say hi. I do it. I do it walking down the street, at the gas station, in the grocery store. It's my way of sharing the happy contentment I feel. Not everyone responds in kind but the majority does. Maybe they'll share that feeling with others?

As for prayer - it is powerful. It's powerful because it's not just speaking with Creation, it's practicing what you're talking to Creation about. If you want what you see as negative to change, change it in your life. Let it flow from there.

It's easy to fall into victim mode and want to be saved by something but I think we have to save ourselves first. There are aspects of life that out of our control. If we recognize that we can only start to make change by changing ourselves then we are creating a chain reaction of change - at least that's how I see it. If I plant a tree, I'm starting a forest.

NYS, thank you for your post. It's thoughtful and real. I wish I had answers that helped you but I know my words are only answers for me. I'm curious what SM has to say about this as the world's upside-downness bothers her as well.

Hang in there -
Brit Elders
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