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Default Where do you think the World is Going?

I am worried about the horrible state the World is in and where mankind is going. This is apart of my consciousness on a regular basis and it is not healthy for me. I know in my heart and soul that we are in VERY bad shape, and the world is extremely fragile and vulnerable.

It frightens me that modern technology has made great advances and is moving forward so quickly, and mankind is moving backwards. Mother Nature is out of whack and she is letting us know with her dramatic and creative dance of life. LOVE, what does love have to do with it? Do we value LOVE like we use to? NO....NO.....NO. I wonder if we really know LOVE. What is LOVE anyway? Money, what is money all about? I believe it has helped separate us even more. Fear, is here to make us appreciate and understand LOVE. Fear is our teacher.

I remember Marianne Williamson once said that in time we all will LOVE one another all the time. She said a time will come when we will visit a country and we won't need passports any longer, all we will have is a little smiley face on a paper and say hi......She also said when we walk into a restaurant we will smile and say hi to everyone. I think on a very profound level this will be true, but when?

Marianne said that if there was a nuclear war and let's say there were 5 people left on this planet, these 5 people would say, do you think we can get along. This has always stayed with me.

The Dalai Lama once said that the United Nations should have a member from every nation praying for peace. He also stated that we should recognize and acknowledge other nations as our domestic partners. Partners working together for a peaceful, productive and loving world.

Dear GOD...we need a miracle. Please place your loving hands on our hearts and souls. Touch us with your warm grace and make us more alive than before. Dear GOD....this is the 11th hour and we need a miracle. Make us more aware of our infinite beauty, and let us share this beauty with the world.

I am curious to know where you think the world is going.

P.S...I love when Shirley asks her IE Radio show guests why they are so optimistic about the future of the world. I understand where she is coming from.

Love, Light & Miracles,
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