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Thank you for sharing your experiences.

What if... the feeling of not belonging here, on earth, is simply because some of us don't! Who would be in a position to decide our orgin, I don't know but what if it is as simple as that.

Someone did state pretty confidently once that I was definately not from this planet! A psychic. That I was of ET origin. Soulwise, I presume?

She said that for some reason during the last 5000 years, I had been forced to reincarnate here and that when whomever made this decison was not my favorite enity any longer. This had made me very very angry since I apparently felt that this planet was not for me.

Atlantis though didn't come across as this planet and that is also further back in time and maybe then it was optional, but as far as that existence is concerned I wander around with a feeling, I did something there that went out of hand. Or maybe my present being is misperceiving the images I pick up. That has occured more frequently the last year. This is something I haven't really been ready to look at yet since I fear what I may have caused something bad there. From that incarnation: I keep seeing a person very, very dear to me and our child, standing on a high cliff 50 meters away from where I am. The world is literally trembling under our feet, vanishing. They... are out of reach. Then I keep seeing them falling down into the deep ocean to die because the land is dissapearing underneath them. I feel horrible and I blame myself. Soon after I perish too.

And to "Margery", I would like to suggest that maybe it can be a good idea to contact (a psychic or a medium) someone who uses ethical principals in their work and can teach you and make you understand what you are sensing.

Some claim though that many artists, and whatever profession you are in, receive help from the sprit world or the angels.
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