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Hi Loa!

Extremely interesting questions you are asking Loa!

I'm convinced there is more to it than a lack of light that are causing many people to feel low up there in the Nordic nations!

The top five regrets are food for thought indeed. Every time I see them, they make me contemplate over what is really important.

I still have far to go but, I feel proud to say that I have lived almost all my Dreams, not that all of them turned out like I expected them to but I feel it has been far more important attempting to pursue the dreams, to give them a fair chance to become real rather than the actual outcome itself. To me, in my life, there are not many things I will be regretting when lying on my death bed, which is good. A few maybe, I guess...but hopefully there is still time to make amends for those.

One other thing that I find so interesting too is finding evidence, valid to yourself that, when for instance, you get a message from what we believe to be the other side, that leaves you without any doubts that someone just sent a message that the living would never ever be able to know or make up stories about.

That's all for now from me,

And by the way, praises to you for the admirable and incredibly important work that you do!

Take Care Loa!


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