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Default Karon

Yes, it is chilly where I am in the Southwest, but no where near the icy snow conditions that much of this country is experiencing right now. My heart goes out to those who are enduring all this. I just keep sending out warming energies to surround them. I am so thankful for my blessings in this.

So Karon, you are from Australia? We have other members from there also. Maybe one day you will hook up with them on these Boards or in chat.

Just curious, you being from Australia, are you familiar with the Women's Visions United, a non-profit organization that for several years has been involved in sewing a Message Quilt capturing the visions, dreams, and community of all peoples in bringing balance to Mother Earth? Better yet, have you seen the Quilt where you live? I think they are in Eltham VIC. Here's the link to their website if you are interested:

I contributed a Quilt Square to it a few years ago. Along the left side of the web page is a menu. Click Message Quilt. Go to page 4. Mine is the last square in Row 3. If you click on the picture, my description of the meaning comes up.

Well, have a good day

Blessed Be,
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