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Dear Shirley and all

A comprehensive questions, I think there are many people world wide who are aware and know what purpose the individual has in this incarnation, which has a completely explicable feeling that the person can telepatere and look into other universes, and I'm convinced we are more than 30-50 years ago, or is it because (thanks to this unique website that you Shirley made.) that many have the courage to talk about their experiences.

Yes, I have met people in the United States, Danmerk, Spain, India, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, which open up and tell their story, if they know they have come here on this planet to give information to the people who can receive what they have to say.

Yes Shirley, there are several that are "walk among us" and realize they do not belong here, can speak for myself, or I'll explain it another way, I belong here, but realize I was born with awareness "open" .So ask meter is: who is the individual? we have the same soul, it can not be the same whether we were born here or on another planet? they are aware of who they are, are also aware of why they live on this planet and how they can assist world wide.

There are few people who are heard. Stephen Hawking has a direct line out to the vast universe, but there is probably also people who can see the like. Because if you have a cosmic knowledge, and an awareness that can reach almost infinite, and ports on different planets and see the information that they use ... So I think we have many who live here on this planet that comes from the outside, with a specialized work...etc.etc.

Have a GREAT day

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