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Thank you for sharing your experiences Loa!

I hear you are questioning and not just buying whatever you encounter on your spiritual search and journey. I believe that is a healthy attitude. I'm on a spiritual quest too. I keep searching for answers about life and why we are here?

Itís interesting your mention the impact the climate has on the concept of being strong. Any extreme weather conditions do shape those who must live under them. Being from Scandinavia and growing up among farmers I should know! Hard working from dawn till dusk. Winter or not doesnít matter. You just keep it up. So I believe there is my role model for being strong. Similar to what you are describing. Non emotional attitude, whatever happens. Only survival counts. If you would break a leg, get injured: That is irrelevant, just keep working. And that is really a problem; I was talking to a guy last summer who explained to me that this attitude is killing us up here in the North. We have the highest rates of suicide in the whole world, Sweden that is. I know 2 that died due to that last year. Two guys actually that had these attitudes around them, and a woman too that tried, the list could be made long. But, therefore, I believe it is so important that we start becoming more compassionate, as to overcome these health problems that are so unnecessary.
I mean, as you are saying you are working with those with severe diseases. Can we afford to be so shut off in this world? Does it require a lethal disease Before we realize that we are emotional beings?

I like your view on what being strong is. I agree completely with that!

Blessings from Mary
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