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Hi Karon

Glad my childhood memory brought a chuckle to you. No, my brother did not become a vet. His chosen career was in electrical engineering. He was the first college grad in our family and we are all so proud of him. He is a grandpa now and still retains that loving sense of caring for the family, people, and pets.

As for accessing other forums, at the top of the first blue box here, you will see in blue "Encounter Board > Main Category > Welcome", just click Encounter Board link to bring you back to the topic board and on the left side (like you did to get into the Welcome board), click on any subtopic that interests you. Feel free to submit a reply, or post a new subject.

I highly suggest when you have the time, to peruse the Broadcast Shows that are archived. Shirley and Brit have done many interviews with a wide range of guests and topics. These are done usually every other Sunday at 6 pm pacific time.

Also, usually on Sunday evenings, several members get together in the Chat Room, and you are most welcome to join us there. At the top of your screen you will see a Blue link called Live Chat. Just click and it will lead you there. Or on any evening, or even during the day, if you feel like chatting, you can post a Subject (eg, Chat Now 1/28 Noon). You never know, there is usually someone reading the Boards and they may feel like chatting too.

Hope this helps to answer your question.

Blessed Be,
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