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Default :) Sold A New Story

Hi Folks,
Just learned a few weeks ago that a new story of mine has been bought for an upcoming anthology being released in the Fall 2014 by Exile Editions, a Canadian publishing company with a 40+ year literary history. This anthology is called "Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocolypse". My story is called "Last Man Standing". Oddly and happily I wrote this story "on the fly" for submission to this while finishing another story called: "My Last Story: Hemingway's Cigar or It Must Have Been in the Water" . This writing happened while in Las Vegas last August on a holiday seeing Celine Dion's and Rod Stewart's stellar shows. Didn't gamble, didn't drink (well one glass of wine) or carouse… but got a couple good stories , lots of sunshine and some good walking and exploring… plus a tad of thinkin' . Am so pleased with this evolution… and so so grateful for the Angel, the Muse, My Muse, continuing to land on my shoulder once-in-awhile… albeit in the strangest of places, moments and juxtapositions with life. The creative "way" I suppose... Best wishes to all here… and thank you for reading, and most of all... be good to you…

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