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Originally Posted by Brit
Love that thought - Not of this time...
Thank you for sharing!

Hi Brit!

Yes, it was indeed a powerful experience. Many see UFO:s in that part of the country. What makes me worried though is that one of my nephews seem to be talking as if they know about these lights too.

Today something very creepy happend too and it has happend twice this last year. Once in the middle of nowhere in Sweden and today as I and a British flatmate were heading to another part of the city I spotted someone that stared at me from a moving car beside our taxi and the creepy feeling that this "person" is not from here was extremely overwhelming. In my third Eye I would describe him as a dracon kind of type. And the one I met in the woods somethings similar and he seemd to have black strange eyes. Very creepy and sounds completely out there I know but that was my feeling and what I saw at a distance of 2-5 metres. Also met a tall man in Israel 20 years ago that I would have said was not from here. From this planet. I felt terrified and shaken for days after meeting that man. Only resemblance experience wise is the feeling of horror at my first Contact of the third degree as a 12 year old near the farm too.


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