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Thank you Mary

I agree. What works for one doesnīt work for another. That's what makes people so special and great.

For me, I like to take the best from everything that comes to me and I feel like is being right and serving me to be in abundance with life and god. As far as I have come I havenīt yet found some one belief or idea that I want to stick with or praise completely. So I guess Iīm on an endless search wich will probably never take end. Sometimes itīs going well but other times I get stuck. But thatīs another story.

I think you have an interesting point regarding negativity. I asked the teacher if trying to train your mind in never thinking a negative thought meant you should let people roll over you, just because you earned that negative thing from some other life. Her answer to that was: No, not at all. She said that we would always know the difference between right and wrong and that we are able to leave situations, people or whatever, without negativity in our mind. That we could in fact release us from negative karma by adding positive energy to it.

In the every day life I somtimes find the same things that annoy me, looking me up over and over again. I donīt know if itīs karma or just my reactions to it, but maybe for me itīs worth trying their style

But again, after reading what you say, if something is perceived as wrong I would think that would at first always call on a negative feeling or a thought. But after that we should have the power to transforming that feelings/thoughts.

What does being strong mean to me ? Thatīs a good question. I think my view on that has been changing over the years.

Iīm raised up in a community wich in the past had to fight to survive, for example because of bad, cold all kinds of weathers and natural events. People were isolated and poor and when winters were hard people were dying at home and couldnīt be buried til spring came. So through the ages being physically strong and never give in has been considered as a great strenght. And that meant not showing your emotions or feelings. Not cry never because if you would, you would not survive.

I feel like the definition of being strong has been changing, even just since I was little ( Iīm 37) and I feel like itīs canging fast these last years.

Working with seriously ill people the past ten years have taught me that having the courage to share your feelings, your " weakness", show tears and be who you are but not pretending to be something you are not, is what being strong is all about for me, because this is something that has never been easy for me to do. It probably has another meaning for people who do not lack the courage to show and share their feelings in a healthy way.

In the content of my previous post being strong would mean that people would not enter the bottom of the unhappiness with me but rather meet me somewhere in the way to assist me to get up.

What does being strong mean to you ?

Well Mary. itīs so great to have these conversations with you and you make a lot of sense, even after a big day like that. It doesnīt surprise me that you like Cairo. It must be totally amazing there ... and you have a history in that area, right ?

Take care
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