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Hi Loa!

Sounds very interesting what you are learning and the personal development you are going through, indeed. I'm here in Cairo for 10 weeks to do a some research. I could live here though. I feel happy here!

I totally agree, to find what empowers us is so important. And what works for one person might be completely wrong for another.

One thing that I noticed that I learned as I was becoming a breathworker was to become aware of what kind of mentor or teacher would work best in line with me. A duck mother teacher that is the type that pushes the children in the water and then jumps in herself or a deertype mother teacher that first runs ahead of her children and makes sure all is safe so that she after can call for her kids to try out the new terrain. I i.e. need a deer mother type of instructor, to dare to move ahead. But this is so individual. Nothing is wrong or right.

Seems like these are making you feel good about yourself from what I hear, that is personal growth and spirituality in its finest form.

And yes, how important it is that when something sad happens to receive compassion. You mention staying strong, that is a defintion that can vary in meaning for many people. What does it mean to you to remain strong?

As far as changing your reactions to every negative thing, here again, I must say that for me I would first need to get clear on what exactly do I perceive as being negative? Or is only situations, people and events we have no power over i.e. referred to as a negative phenomena in this context?

For me I would need to know this first, because eitherwise I would feel as if though I were being adviced to just accept anything and then working on reactions could easily turn into encouragment of denial to what is not good for me in my Life. And then be asked to remain with certain situations, people or places and required to look inwardly in an attempt to "only" search for my own "negative emotions" when in fact what one perhaps needs to do instead is to take action in another manner.

Perhaps being observent so that personal inner exploration doesn't serve as a means to becoming negligent towards oneself. I don't know if this makes sense that are some of my thoughts and fears maybe?

I feel tired after the revolutions day here today with many fatatlities so if I don't make any sense that might be the reasons.

Good Night and God Bye for now!

And thank you so much Loa for your thoughts and wise words!!!

Blessings from me
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