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Good morning Mary.

Do you live in Cairo or are you on a vacation ?

This raja yogha teacher and some others are teacher in a Brahma Kumaris school in my country. They believe that every soul is unique, eternal and every soul is pure light and peace but that we have forgotten it. Through meditation we can connect with the highest soul and remembered who we really were before we choose to enter earth as humans. Sometimes souls rest in the world of peace for ages before they wish to come back to live in the world of material. They say that time is a circle and that times on earth have been dark and difficult but that it hasnīt always been like that and will not always be like that. Actually we are getting into more brighter times according to them.Times were karma is not so hard as now.

I think nobody who is human knows the real truth and maybe there is no one truth ?? But we can take whatever from everything that gives us the power to live better and be happier.

I think the karma vision of Brahma Kumaris can help me to stay positive and in more peace with everything that happens arround me and the world. Because If I get overwhelmed by the unfairness of the world, I can more easily get into a hole of anger and sorrow and how can I help someone to get up from that hole if Iīm at the bottom of it with them.

If something sad happens to me, I need people who will show me compassion by sending me pure positive vibes, thoughts, love, prayers by staying strong and being all this themselves. I think that without compassion there is no love. Maybe itīs all about being aware of where your compassion is taking you.

They believe that the only way to change the world is to change your own reactions to every negative thing, small and big by meditating on love and peace . And that we are suppose to be able to change our thought patterns by practise and by getting closer to what our soul really is through meditation.

Well Mary ... I hope this explains something of whatīs on my mind these days. here you can read more about it.

love and blessings,
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