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Hi Lóa!

It is interesting the questions your teacher left you with. I have also encountered the belief about the idea that our negative feelings would add even more such vibes to a certain event or situation. But how do you learn to master emotions of pain that arises from receiving news about a horrible event that has taken place in the world?

The strong reactions to events or circumstances may indeed cause an intense energetic outburst within us that could, like he/she describes, perhaps even be transmitted to that specific situation or person. If I'm interpreting your words in the correct way? And maybe that doesn't help those in that situation at all? Rather the opposite. But how do you master your reactions to that degree, on a planet as rough and cruel as this one?

Since I am very sensitive to feeling energies everywhere, most of the time, which can be quite overwhelming, so why wouldn’t it be possible for these energies to influence events and situations too, since most circumstances involve living beings of some kind or another. 

After attending a course in parapsychology and science in Stockholm I learnt that there are strong scientific indicators pointing toward that prayers have a healing effect. And prayers are basically good thoughts and intentions going out to one or more individuals.

When you write that our karma can help us to gain more power over own lives and help in becoming more effective, by taking responsibility for what we are going through and are experiencing; would you like to explain a bit more how you mean or what you are learning about that please?

Greetings and blessings from Cairo.
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