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You have to excuse me Mary... but my english is far from being as excellent as yours

But with the help of (the precious) google translate I think I get it right and have to say that I understand your thoughts.

I havenīt been able to get to a conclusion for my self regarding the karma theory. It sometimes disturbs me as harsh and cruel in the content of having compassion for people who you feel like are having too much of a tragedy in their lives, no matter if it is the people you love arround you or events you see in the news. I am really sensitive for things like that. I feel a lot of compassion but also feelings of injustice and anger. Why do some souls have to experiance to live in places where war rules , hate and nature disasters take place

After the lecture I had yesterday from the raja yogha teacher my thoughts are :
- could it be that by experiancing negative feelings towards tragedy events I am in fact just adding negative vibrations to it and not helping at all ?

- Is it better to think that everything is going by the law of karma and would the thought of that help us to stay calm, be pure love and add light and uplifting vibes into sad and cruel events ?

I donīt think that believing in karma has to make us powerless or less of love or inactive. Maybe it makes us more effective indeed, that is if we believe that we can make a difference in our own karma by beginning with our selves, by having the courage to take a responsibility in what we go through and experinace, instead of being more like victims.

I repeat that this is just something I am wondering about these days after what I have read and listened too, but not a place Iīve reached. Not yet at least.

Like you say ... we donīt know anything by a fact in this existence of us. maybe thatīs what makes it charming in a way

Love Lóa
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