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Default Praise for Virginia

Hello All!

Just wanted to give a little praise to the great Commonwealth of Virginia. Heard on NPR this morning that the Virginia Attorney General will not defend the state's current ban on gay marriage in court. Instead, he and his staff will join the plaintiffs in arguing to the court that the law should be overturned.

Rare is it that an attorney general will stand up publicly and in court and not defend state or federal law. However, after thorough analysis, Virginia's attorney general determined that the law is unconstitutional under the US Constitution, and he cannot--and will not--defend it. In the NPR interview, he also mentioned that on such issues, Virginia (and other states) has been on the wrong side of history--for example, the infamous case of Loving v. Virginia where the US Supreme Court found Virginia's law banning interracial marriage was unconstitutional, and he was determined not to let that happen again.

Wonderful to see Virginia's elected officials doing the right thing!

Here is the interview:

Namaste from the -2 degree Midwest,
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