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Thank you peg for the prayers and energy. ❤

Well dad got to come home. He is on a very strict diet. Dad has cirrhosis of the liver and there's not much they can do for that. He can go on a waiting list for a liver transplant but that can take years. If he does exactly what the doctors says he can live years with this. If he detours off his diet any or his meds get upped on his diabetes then he will shorten his life. Doctors feel confident he will have a few more years. Maybe more. Thank u for the prayers and energies being sent they are appreciated. He goes to dr again next week for an check up and drain more fluid.

Cause of his cirrhosis of the liver was done by damage of insulin, heart meds and thyroid meds. All strong and all affecting his organs according to his doctor.
All My Love,

Robin 🌻🍀🍒
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