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Default My Future Incarnation

Two weeks ago after watching the movie about Wiki Leaks, that night I had several visions. I was told by my higher self that it is preparing me for my next incarnation as a woman. I saw a U.F.O. and then I saw a speeding car with its headlights on. I interpreted this to mean the cover up of the existence of U.F.O,s. by the Global Elite. I saw the Capital Building with two domes in the side of a mountain. I felt this meant some cataclysm will befall the U.S. and the government will move its Capital to the American West.

In the Evangelical Christian world many people are prophesying that Christ will be returning soon. Many Orthodox Jesusí in Israel feel the Messiah is coming soon. In the past 20 years there has been an outpouring of the Spirit in different churches but it hasnít had much influence outside of a church setting like a mass revival.

Last night I was sensing many things. One was an energy from another Galaxy. I was told not to try to understand everything with my mind. I heard the name Elijah. I donít know what will happen in the future. For my future incarnation I am planning to study horticulture. I want to combine many ideas I have gotten from Michael Phillips, an apple grower and an herbalist, with other ideas coming from permaculture and metaphysics. A few years ago I was told that our true home is in the Spirit Realm. I donít expect anybody to believe what I am saying but to take it into your intuitive heart and see if it resonates.
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