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Hi Lóa!

When I was around 16-17 years old I had experienced several paranormal events in my life and that raised questions in me. A series of fortunate events led me to a past life regression therapist, Ylva Cronstedt and I went to her in Stockholm and I have nooooo idea what she did. I just closed my eyes and after some minutes I started seeing like a movie played before my eyes. Me being in France and what seemed like a life I had there. Then a horrific life in Sweden in the dark ages. She was guiding me and asking me questions and making me leap in time, in the regression. Totally unexpected what turned up in my awareness.

In the life as the Egyptian, my “left” hand was writing in the air as if I knew exactly that language. And she asked me: “When is this?” I could sense it was around 60 years after someone named Christ had been around. He had been around, but if he was as we see him today I wouldn’t say. Someone very special, at least. As the person I was then I felt like this. And Some years after IRL I went to Jerusalem and inside the walls. I was like a fish in the water. It was as if I had lived there my whole life?

In regards to what seemed to be the life of a contactee, thousands of years ago, that came up when I for the very first time, around the age of 22 something, went for some kind of retreat that had something called rebirthing breathing on the agenda. I didn't know what that was so I had no expectations. At all. As the breathing session had begun, it didn’t take long before I started seeing these space crafts coming down at me and I loved dealing with them (the ET:s) and as I mentioned it was a strong sense of being deeply connected to them and they taught me so many things. I could see the Red Sea where I was standing and waiting for their return.

The Luxor memory came to me while being on location in Luxor. Also a overwhelming sense of recognition-- déjà vu--and then I did a breathwork session and a film was being shown to me. Hard to describe but some are incredibly clear. Also a deep sene of knowing. As if you recall something you Always knew but forgot for some time.

The most beautiful things with the Egyptian life that supposedly happened 2000 years ago was that they, the romans tortured and killed me and cut of my left hand. I never thought about it before but probably because I was writing with that hand. I don't know. But as I felt how I was dying. I left my body and went to the Bright Beautiful Light, there my present grandmother in this life and her mother, my great grandmother (on my mothers side), now both dead, greeted me there on the other side, as i was returning home to them.

The deepest knowing was present as I went through these experiences. Hard to explain it in any other way.
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