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Cool Past lives and the present

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I was here on Shirley's. That doesn't mean I have lost my interest for spirituality. My experience has showed me though that it is not everywhere you find people with the same interests as here.

I have been going through some difficult years both physcially and emotionally and I am slowly returning to Life now, Thank god. After a amalgam removal I gained three autoimmunie diseases to mention some of my learning experiences lately.

At present I am in Egypt conducting a Field study through a Middle East Course I am signed in to and I will be interviewing female Egyptian Journalists if all goes according to plan.

All my Life I have been drawn to Egypt. I can recall from very early on in life that I wanted to go here. I was here for the first time when I was 23 and was mesmerized by the energies of the Sphinx in Giza at the pyramids and by Luxor and had a strong sense of deja vu at the temple of Hatchepsut. In my first hypnosis one of the first past lives memories to return to my conscious mind was that one of me being a tall extremely handsome Egyptian man and most of all an agitator in Israel existing around 60 years after Christ. I was lefthanded; my whole being on a profoundly deep level had the awareness that I back then mastered the art of some kind of Arabic or similar alphabet. Which in the present I have never ever learned. Writing from the right to the left, using my left hand. Today I am righthanded. My deep knowing informed me that I had been born in the Cairo area in that lifetime but for some reason I had moved alone to the area of Jerusalem. My parents in that Life was my current sister and her husband that also has acted like that this time around. When I ended up in some kind of trouble they always covered my back. And in Israel my present father turned up as my educated mentor. He was some kind of scholar or wise man and he had the role of a father there also.

When I first heard of the name "Misr" which is the arabic name for Egypt it was like I had known this name and what it stood for for an eternity. And what I always found tremedously puzzeling is that: How can I be so drawn to an Arabic, conservative Islamic culture today since I am a woman from Scandinavia and in so many ways do not fit in with my current lifestyle here? But considering the possibility that I used to be a higly regarded Egypian man, at least twice before, approximately: 2000 and 3500 years ago (the soul doesnt seem to take timeframes into consideration) it does make sense that I feel drawn here and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Plus the incarnation prior to this also in Egypt then around the area of what we today refer to as Luxor. In this incarnation I saw myself being one of the closest men to the Queen Hatshepsut. I believe I was working as an Architect.

And of course, there was a third lifetime where I was in this area or around Saudi Arabia. I remember standing by the Red Sea waiting for "them" to return to me. I felt so lonely on this planet. I was in frequent Contact, from what it seemed, with Extraterrestrials, very tall ones in White or Black robes. They enlightened me and then they left me here with the Earthlings that were on a very different awareness level. This seemed way back in time. but in this area geographically too.

I cannot prove that my statements here are true but they spring from regressions and a profoundly deep knowing. And a strong sense of belonging in, a to me, foreign culture, I have no biological connection to in any way, whatsoever.
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