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Default January 9, 2014

Happy ephiphany or ukranaine or Eastern
Block Russian Xmas!

Today is the 5th year since my blessed
Operation that changed my life and perspective

Nothing like a crisis to open your eyes heart and
Saying get it together!
And like they said on Downtown Abby last Sunday
"either die or remain in the living!"
Dame Edwards saying to her granddaughter

Anyways it was a life altering experience hence I
Had to go thru it to know I could over come it and
Able to help others
It was shown to me on the last day of radiation
As I went home and always slept a little
Afterwards. My damaged cells all turned black
And flew away.
Next thing u know I am flying over Rome In
Celebration as a doctor helped me 3 month hence
Getting my body alkaline with sodium bicarbonate injections

I never gave up and I will not give up now
Even though I am a little sad at the moment

Xmas always makes me think of all family here and
On the higher side. Gosh I miss them

Love to you all

Hope to post something magical soon
Like the new sun or new stars!
Or the new Mars! Hahahajajajahakali
dragon spirit
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