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See what all of you helped with:

Reporting to you a discovery that is very good and unexpected, when my surgeon injected placenta into the ankle, specifically, the talus bone, it was not something that I questioned because I did not want to say “Gross, don’t do that.” An attitude that is a spontaneous reaction to the unknown, an overreaction to medical progress that is extraordinary.

The outcome has been miraculous and more than the doctor expected because it has helped a previous injury immensely. In 1987 I ruptured my Achilles tendon twice and sewn back together two times, meaning that the leg is a mess and slightly shorter than the other is. This injury affects my back, hip and foot bones and is a source of chronic pain, has developed arthritis and a very bad effect on my life's plans.

Anyway, before this surgery, I could not push the heel of that foot more than half-an-inch off the floor, even after a few years of intense physical therapy, and I have consulted more then a few doctors hoping for someone to tell me something other than “I don’t know what to tell you to do.”

Today during my daily physical therapy exercises I found out that I could push up onto the ball of my foot, almost fully up, almost all the way up! I have not felt that much joy in years, it is the most amazing and intense effect, the only thing that I have ever felt as strong was walking again after not walking for almost two years. There is an angel with me, I am sure of that now, the angel known as the “Screw-It, I’m Doing It Anyway Angel” whose promises that 'I don’t care if you say that I will never be able to do that again, I'm doing it anyway' to put it in polite terms. So that is my very, very good news, so how was your day?


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