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Default New Years Resolution time

Not sure why a new year feels like an opportunity to set goals, vision dreams, set forth a plan to make this year be the best one yet.
My news yearís resolutions this year is:

Reduce my sugar intake.
- Now that I'm getting older and wiser and having had had lots of gut issues over the years - I've spent a lot of years learning about how to balance it. Inflammation rears it self when we over do it and over eat things that are just not good for us. There are so many things that can get out of hand in the gut if we don't check and balance what we are consuming. I realize that when I'm tired, the adrenals are feeling a little stressed and the gut starts breeding a Candida factory I start to crave sugar. I'm not really over weight so what's the problem with a 3:00pm 3 musketeers chocolate bar? Sugar just feeds the bad guys. We want the good guys to win the war!

My next resolution is to start building trails on a piece of land we've had for the last 14 years.
- I don't know why when we reach one of those decade birthdays that we get this feeling of urgency to get on with our dreams. Well I hit one of those half-century birthdays this year and that hits a whole new level of urgency! Now I'm not sure why - because I am absolutely blown away at what I've accomplished in the last 50 years of my life. My Granny turns 100 this year so I come from good stock and am probably going to live for another 50 easy. But one of those things that I dreamed of doing in the last 50 years hasn't been started yet.
I purchased the land to build a place for my family and friends to come to - to inspire ones passions. I've sentimentally looked back at those days when I was young when I believed in fairies and the forest and the ocean was a place where my imagination soared. I continue to dream about building that fairytale castle on the ocean where people can come to be inspired. It just hasn't gone any farther than that.
My impression of a 50 year old - when I was young - was -"man they are so old" - well I am anything but old - but I know it can be a sliding slope if we aren't looking after ourselves. I'm pretty good at this myself, but my husband is a little less conscientious about this. His favorite saying when I go at him for his indulgences and unhealthy habits is "I just want to enjoy life". Fair statement!
So you have to adjust to the people you are dealing with and this land thing was a dream we both had. So I think the urgency is - I want to make sure he's around to partake in it with me.

My next resolution is to read more and Internet less.
- I read this great book last year that my daughter was told to read in her honors class. It was called "Shallows" by Nicholas Carr
There is a lot to do - to keep everything balanced - to avoid the brain fog we woman experience in mid life. When those hormones become a bit more erratic - I seem to have troubles remembering a person name I've known forever! It's a bit concerning sometimes.
After reading this man's book I am beginning to think the Internet is incredibly mind sucking. Don't get me wrong - I'm an extroverted friend seeking, info seeking, love to learn sponge magnet. This Internet thing is better than a kid in a Candy shop.
Yet after reading this man's book I realized that maybe my excuse - "it's just the hormones" - is not the only problem going on here.
It concerns me that our children - who use this forum 24/7 to connect with their social life without actually having actual human contact - is not such a good thing. I'm not sure it is giving them the necessary emotions for empathy for another when all they are doing is engaging with a computer. I think deep thinking is slowing but surely being muzzled out by the overflow of information that we are being bombarded with on a daily basis. The frontal cortex is getting jammed and nothing is sinking into the depth of our minds where we need it to be to problem solve. Our imagination is being squashed by sensory overload.

This leads me to my next resolution - finding time to be more mindful.
- Last year at this time I did a 30-day yoga challenge, which resulted in some very eye opening understandings. Facing health challenges over the last decade has given me an intimate experience with the perils of anxiety. Whether it was PMS, being overwhelmed with work, having a crazy life one has with 4 children, dealing with an upset gut that sent my thyroid into hyper-mode that led to crazy ville or when I was at my worst - discovering I had mercury poisoning that sent me into the land of the pink elephants coming out of the walls.
During the worst of it all I sought out anything that might make the jitters and anxiety stop. Yoga was one of those things I was told to try. 15 years ago I started out with a class a week and noticed I had a small window of time afterwards where life just seemed a little bit less frantic. When my health plummeted to its worst I intuitively knew I just had to do it as it gave me a few moments of relief.
So after years of slowly going more and more I decided to try the 30-day challenge. I discovered that for the first time in my life I got my period without wanting to stab someone in the head for a few days prior. I wasn't screaming and freaking out over the toilet paper roll being left empty or the toilet seat being left up. I could breath in the face of adversity and I didn't need an ativan anymore!
I look forward to that 5 minutes at the beginning of a class where we get present and grounded and then at the end after we've given our brains an hour break only doing what we are told rather than thinking of the list of chores we need to accomplish. The best part is that time where we lie in shivansana and just let our mind float in the ethers because it's not thinking anymore - itís just observing - this is when the magic appears. It takes 30 days to change the habits of the rat race life we all lead and I discover I'd changed the habit of having anxiety!

So my last resolution and I think itís the most important one I like to reaffirm every year now - and that is - to continue having fun!
-Life is not about running on the treadmill to get ahead. It's about finding our passions and making those things be the thing than occupies 90% of our lives. If you are doing what you love you will obviously succeed!
I love to dance, being artistic, laughing, being inspired, crave to learn, love my friends and family and love a good hot bath, having a pedicure, traveling, and creating something fantastic. If running on the treadmill of life isn't allowing me to do the things I love then what's the point!
So it's your turn now - what are some of your goals, visions, and resolutions for 2014?

xo Froggie
You are an artist, you are unique, you are expressing your self.
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