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Default shirley baby i love ya mary and steve are running off

Shirley and everyone my name is steve and I have been reincarnation many times with the same people most most of the time.If you look back you will find my story.ITs Mary and steve being reincarnated many times together.In wife husband son mother young lovers and in the same cluster.We were requested the curtain be raised this time in our life .In a few months I am going to Las vegas to buy a house after I get divorced and Mary leaves her husband.I will write a book about this unreal story.I told my wife a believable lie at first and then I had to tell her the true.When press I told her I will say its a lie to other people relatives friends.Who would believe it.I don't know if the book will get published but I will try.Shirley I love you baby my wife is trying get you off our credit card had to drop this line.See you in the news stands I hope.
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