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Default New Year's Meditation--New Attitude Towards Life

Today’s Affirmation

I meet this New Year with a new attitude.

Today’s Meditation

I choose to enter this New Year with a new attitude towards life.
With a deep sense of gratitude, I have released the past.
All things are in perfect order for this now moment.
I invite love into my life by opening my heart and loving generously.
I invite an expanded prosperity as I share freely of my time, talents and treasure.
I invite peace by committing myself to being a peacemaker in all ways.
I help establish a renewed sense of hope by calling forth the best in myself
and in the people around me.
I release my past and invite life to be more than I had previously imagined.
This truly is a new day and I meet it in a brand new way.
__________________________________________________ ______________
I just read this beautiful meditaion about starting the New Year and I wanted to share it with you. This will help me focus on LOVE, COMPASSION AND PEACE. I hope it does for you too.
Happy and Loving New Year,
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