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Default Drinking in the Lite?

Anyone interested in discussing drinking in the lite? I confess, this thread was inspired by last night's chat that included discussion of the latest cocktail sensation of the new year--the Shirley-tini, which is a gluten free martini with onions. I'm attaching a photo of said 'tini here made with gluten free Tito's Vodka. Tito's is not perfect, however, as it is made with corn (a GMO culprit) and not potato. Alas, the mediocre bar I chose does not have potato vodkas.

Another topic--Brit this is for you--just discovered a lovely organic, sulfite free red wine called Frey's. It is also claims that it does not use GMO yeast.

Namaste from the Midwest and skol to a happy, interesting 2014!
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