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It was a great show with lots of wonderful energy.
Very happy for you Shirley! What an honor!
So glad you had the opportunity to visit your old
ballet school too and pass by the home you were
raised in. i know how nostalgic it can make one
feel; a pure energy that seems to linger from the past
in certain spots.
i do it now and then myself when i find myself in a
state near a town where i spend part of my childhood.
NY, NJ, NM, NH, Ca., Japan, Wash DC, Md and Va.
Just makes it all seem like a dream;
a beautiful, meaningful dream and i'm glad you're in mine.
Congratulations Shirley!
Love, Chi

PS - Brit, how wonderful that you could be there with
Shirley to lend support. You looked great, by the way.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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