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Default 4 woman's reincarnation experiences

Hi Everyone,
I came across a very old documentary that was aired in another country. It says Banned video. I do not know why, maybe the content was to heavy at the time. It has 11 links. Each part of each link lasting about 10 -11 min a piece. It was a story of several women having a session of past life. It is not self promoting, just a program aired many years ago. I am sure it has been seen but maybe not by new comers. Parts of this film were so amazing, If one has not seen this hour long video I strongly suggest it. It is amazing and solid proof of past life and reincarnation. You may have to search on the right for the links to continue, it starts as 1/11, so eleven links in total to watch the whole video. There is no self promotion , just a documentary to prove reincarnation. I have no idea why the title claims, banned.
xo Froggie
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