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Default My Sweet Loa!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

You are a co-creator of your universe, so you ask and receive immeditely! How fun!

The first thing that came to me while reading is that the Angel looks like your sister...for me that means that we are All One, we find familiar essence with everyone.

The other thing is the green face. Green is the color of our Heart chakra..LOVE.

Your Angel is always with you, even if it looks like She was leaving, she is next to you, to love you, to guide you and to protect you.

Take good care Sweety! Is your Birthday now? If so, Happy Birthday! I wish you the very best!

As of March 21st, I will be taking a break from posting the Angels. Glad you enjoyed the posts.

Pema xxxxx Happy New Year !!!
Know Thyself and You Will Know The Universe
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