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Default when an angel visited me

Hi people

Since itīs christmas I wanted to try to tell you a little story with the few english words I know. I donīt remember if I told you it before but I only tell it to people that I trust for understanding it.

I had such a wonderful christmas present yesterday but my sister gave me cards from Doreen Virtue wich have the name " Talking to heaven". I always feel like christmas is the time when heaven becomes open in both ends and we become one with god, angels and our lost ones. Itīs the day when one of the greatest healer, who managed to change the whole world, was born and love won a victory.

Anyway, when I was exploring my new cards today, a birthday I had for 7 years ago came to my mind. It was the night when an angel appeared to me.

It was on a wednesday and I had few friends over for a lobster soup to celebrate my birthday. My friends left and I brushed my teeth and went to bed. Before I fell asleep I was thinking about angels and if they really existed and how they would look like. Would they be in a white dress with wings? In my mind I asked "God, if angels exist will you show me one tonight ? " Then I fell asleep.

The next thing I remember is that I was woken up from a dream in the middle of night by a really strong and huge neon green light right beside my room.
Still Iīm ashamed for my reactions.... but to tell the truth I got totally terrified and could hardly yell out " Go away, Go away "
Then something magnificant happened. the green neon light formed a human face, a beautiful friendly face wich looked like my sisterīs face. Then it turned back from me and moved to the door.
And what did I do, I said " Come back" LOL.
The face looked at me again, with pitty eyes and a little smile that said "my poor little thing" and then it was gone and I was left alone confused and embarrassed. I had actually told an angel to go away.

At this point I was wide awake and not at all afraid. I couldnīt believe what had just happened. It had really happened and I felt blessed ... but also laughed by myself.
You see because sometimes when I ask god for something he sometimes gives it to me in such a straight and excessive forms I sometimes like to think that I was born to entertain heaven.

I like this forum a lot. Thank you Pema for all your wonderful posts wich I read regulary

Have a wonderful christmas celebration dear friends and god and angels bless you.

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