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Default Downton Abbey series 4!

The final episode of Downton Abbey, series 4, the Christmas special, airs in Britain about an hour from now.

The Daily Telegraph states:
"Hollywood A-lister Shirley MacLaine returns as Cora’s acid-dripping mother-in-law Martha Levinson; and, in an inspired cast addition Sideways star Paul Giamatti appears as Cora’s playboy brother. A twinkling guest spot by James Fox and another hilariously haughty turn by Maggie Smith layers up the icing on the Christmas cake."

as well as:
"...the best verbal fireworks come, unsurprisingly, in the sizzling exchanges between Maggie Smith, as the Dowager Countess, and Shirley MacLaine as her antagonist-in-law Martha Levinson. A waspish “You see, Violet, I have no wish to be a great lady,” draws the delightfully haughty response: “A decision that must be reinforced every time you look in the glass.” Miaow. But for once it is the American who has the last word."

I'm looking forward to discovering what that last sentence means when Downton Abbey, series 4, arrives on Blu-ray on January 28th.
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