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Default A Merry Christmas!

A Merry Christmas to all of our loving friends! This day has brought me to yet another awakening. I'm certain I have gone through this before; however, it seems that I need to go through it again to really get it. It is called, "Allowance"!

My son has come on to times when the prosthetic company is ready to provide a leg for him. Yes, after all of this time, there is now funding.

And my son is telling me, "I am not ready, Mom." I am satisfied with where I am right now and I need to be in this moment for a while.

And I truly heard him and honor his choices. So, we will wait and just enjoy where he is now and allow him to be, just be.

I told him I totally understood and he was so grateful. So this Christmas is certainly one of thanksgiving for all we have and the beauty of our love for one another.

I am learning to listen. That to me is my greatest lesson throughout this journey. Learning to listen to the heart...

Tomorrow, I am taking all of the gifts to my son and we are having a Christmas Eve celebration...

Celebrating you all in our hearts!

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