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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

It was a soft gentle rain today that
The Big Elephant found herself wondering in.
She allowed her breath to leave her with a
Gentle sigh of relief and of appreciation.

She felt the anticipation in the air of things to come
And the exhilaration of the coming
She nodded her head in delight
And awaited it's descent.

The Big Elephant took measured steps in her proceedings.
Cognitive she was of the possibilities, yet knowing.
She walked stealthy forward, bearing her own fruit
But watching closely as to the response from without her.

It was then that she noticed that there was one from afar
That had come to greet her in a most unusual way.
Immediately there was a dialect that described a joining.
A joining of efforts in which to preside in a more productive way.

The Big Elephant lifted her head and trumpeted in an effort
To bring forth the energies to combine and filter forward.
And in that moment did The Big Elephant find
The meeting of herself come forward.

It is in the eyes that one's knowing is made complete.
And so it was with The Big Elephant on this day.
Did she see within her knowing, another that had come
To assist her along her way.

It was a grand reunion of souls enveloped in the love of one.
Wrapping ones energy around another and twirling
Around and around they become, one with another
In a complete experience of total wonder.

It is in WONDER that our total existence is expressed
In it's most unique form.

Love, Deb
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