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Default Hi Freesia!

Hi Freesia! (So sorry, I didn't get back here, sooner)!
LOL.... WOW.... Thanks for the information and the story of your synchronicities. Of course, I thought of you, when I saw this video.... thought you would enjoy it, too.
Stay free, always!
PS: I'm looking forward to our discussion about HUNA!

Originally Posted by Freesia16
Hey Moon J

I was justthinking about you! I was going to (finally)get back to you about Huna – and here you are – you want to know another wildsynchronicity – well I think it is – I’m Friesian!

No kidding –at least on my dad’s side though Anglo Saxons in general might have some ofthat blood – the Friesians went over to Kent (Southern England).

I won’t goon – though I could – but just to say – the Friesians were the one people (theywere actually a group of people) never conquered by Romans. FREE. In the blood. Probably explainswhy Hitler couldn’t take England haha – that Friesian blood – won’t submit.

Ironically,I went through the tortures of the damned to choose a name here – picked Freesiabecause it’s a flower that I figured related to nothing in my life (though I dothink it’s pretty) – and then after choosing it I realized –shoot Fressia – Freesian–it’s what I am – and Free is what the Friesians always were; liked and believed in – Freedom.

Go figure –you can’t escape what you know deep down inside.

I will getto that Huna response – wonderful video – loved the horses and loved the music.

BTWFriesland goes all the way up the coast – past Germany and Denmark – and somepeople think the Friesians were the original Atlanteans. Did they have horses in Atlantis – I don’tknow – but they would have been blessed to have these!

Again –wonderful video!

Freesia(n) J Free

BTW again - I typed this note in MSWord then copied over - seems you can get more smileys that way - I loves my smileys though I hear they are bad internet protocal - to that! Hope y'all are having a good day - I am now. Thanks!
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