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Smile Christmas Letter

Dear Lovely friends, I wish you all the most wonderful Christmas full of love peace harmony and happyness between you and u dear ones.

May we in this moment sending a light chain with joy, knowing we are a part of a special divine togetherness where we can feel each other and think of how many theme and topics we haved shared through the years, where all of YOU have enriched me with such a graceful time to be aware of we are one big family who do care for each and one of us here on Shirley World, many times I have to do my writing where I was thinking o” Oh I wondering how my frinds are doing” and sending love to you, while I was doing my writing knowing you guys have fun.

It means so MUCH to me, that we are a bundles of sherry heads as Shirley says.

What we world wide is sitting maybe lonely behind the computer and can feel we belonging to a huge network that we care for each other, a feeling who gave me peace within me.

We live in a world where the LOVE and LIGHT is radiate through the universe to all of us,…it’s a beginning of a new time age where we can receive new energy withhold so much awareness of how we can be ONE family on this little Earth.

Christmas is a wonderful time to open our hearts even more and helping around us, could always be a person who need something, a hug a smile or a shoulder to cry to, or share a happy hour, to dance with or just have a good talk etc. it is a portal to go through into another energy where we can receive STRENGTH to deal with our daily skills and more.

Christmas is a time where EVERYTHING will happening if YOU are prepared for it, and the timing is perfect, thus this part of the year…..there is SO much love energy world wide…where we is talking through the heart and everything we do when the heart is open, will be good and wonderful for all.

You all know how much I do care and love you, think about how special we all are, if not we were born more or less on the same time,…we are born to GIVE and RECEIVE and SHARE wisdom and love to each other, and take care and show we can change negative energy to positive lovely happy (healing) vibration harmony between the people we are surrounded with and meet.

And then all the happy Christmas souls will spread in the air the rest of this year, star seed to the next year from our hearts,,,to remember when we feel blue, that we can and will be more happy and more strong to deal with our daily skills etc., thus now we know we are NOT alone, we belonging to a HUGE group who do care of YOU, me and ALL.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, from all of me, to ALL of YOU.
Ulla 4 ever, love u all

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