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XavientHaze impressed me because he was bold enough to say that Sitchin needs to beexamined critically. He is right, thereare different translations of the Sumerian text other than Sitchins by peoplewho have as much knowledge about the ancient languages as Sitchin did.When hementioned that there were other translations, though, SM seemed to balk (ie fiery seeming mercury in aries said 'What?!")and Xavient pulled back soall that was talked about was the 100’s of cylinders or thousands that have yetto be translated. This sounds reallypromising or conspiratorial (ie who is keeping all this info from us? Kind ofthing) but in actual fact, a lot of the cylinders are just accounts – nothing todo with Sumerian religion or anything astronomical or mythological or whatever. So all we could be talking about is a needle in a haystack - and what if that needle poked a hole in Sitchin - could people handle that?

It wouldhave been nice if the interview could have gone on to discuss some of thedifferences in translations. I imaginethese led to differences in Xavients work?

PersonallyI know that ‘landing place’ is interpreted to mean – for ufos – I’m not sure why – because‘landing’ can mean for ships too. Andalso that ‘up in the sky’ can be a term for in mountains or up north – andthere’s always that ‘elohim’ being plural – but people in power have said ‘we’for ages – so why do we think elohim means plural literally?

I wouldhave liked to know WHY people think that Sitchin’s translations are moreaccurate – I think that would have been – could be - an interesting discussion.

I thinkthat in terms of who ‘controls’ the planet – things are multidimensional. Just because we’ve forgotten how much we areinfluenced and influence others through the invisible energetic (calledspiritual) dimensions doesn’t mean it isn’t happening all the time. Being and empath and psychic I can attest tothat.

Thing iswhat we sense – that isn’t the same as our interpretation. AWE felt as energy, for example is just that –an energetic vibration that people would interpret as AWE – but this could be AWEfor Ghandi or AWE for Hitler. Unless youknew the people – you would not know what it meant in total - or the effect of that energy input .

So whenthere’s energy coming from some other dimension – is it the energy senders whoare causing the situations of controlling humanity or those who receive the information (ie humans)?

I could tell you a lot about energy – I’m stilllearning about it because I have to – but that’s all for now

PS Simply for the fact Xavient has a different take on things I think his book is well worth a read - so many of the ancient alien books are just take offs or clones of Sitchin - and his book seems to be a fresh input of ideas - good to shake things up in the old grey matter at least!
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