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Default Matthew Message - Nelson Mandela

December 14, 2013*

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As
you celebrate this season of traditional music, merriment and festivities
with families and friends, you are remembering those who are grieving or
whose circumstances are dire. You would rejoice with us if you could see
the abundance of light radiating from you and the beneficiaries of your
caring and sharing —it is a spectacle to behold!

How glorious it is that brilliance emanated as well from the uniquely
jubilant and colorful memorial ceremony honoring one of your brightest
souls. The international tribute to Nelson Mandela was equaled only by his
welcome in Nirvana, where joyful throngs gathered to celebrate his life.

Mandela exemplified that the way to peaceful reconciliation is through
forgiveness, honesty, humility, compassion and respect. He didn'’t need to
consciously know that the energy in those expressions of love is the most
powerful force in the cosmos and that every life is interconnected within
that energy. He lived from his heart, the seat of the soul, where those
universal truths *are* known, and that is how he succeeded in uniting his
country’s peoples and in his other diplomatic and political endeavors.

Most of Earth’s populace don’t know those truths either. Like Mandela,
multitudes are acting upon soul-level inspiration and generating light in
countless ways. A delightful example, which shows far more than any words
can describe the love energy that comes with unity of spirit, is this short

In keeping with this unusually busy time for you, we keep our December
messages brief, but we cannot let this year come to its close without
telling you that light beings throughout this universe are immensely
heartened by your growth spiritually and consciously!

More than ever before you are aware of and grateful for blessings in your
life and the uplifting developments in your communities, regions,
countries, your world. By following intuition— a splendid step forward in
soul evolvement —thoughts, feelings and actions of persons around the world
are sending forth the high vibrations of hope and optimism.

Look forward to exhilarating, illuminating Year 2014. *Happy New Year, our
beloved Earth family!*



Suzanne Ward
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