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I'm even thinking about bringing out before Christmas my most mystical book of poems about a series of soul travel and soul retrieval experiences that lasted well over a year. I just found it and realized how lovely so many of the poems are--and how intriguing the tale.

Here are two poems from this collection:

Here's are two of my favorite poems from this collection:


Like Orpheus,
I would descend
to where you weep,
from all who would pursue
and pluck you
the finest flower
of earth's meadows.
In song’s brilliance
you'd bud again.

Like Christ,
I’d search
the darkest realms
for just your soul.
Finding its light
alloyed by baser metals,
flickering and cobalt,
we'd tune our wings,
making every turn and lifting his.

I come to fields
with bachelor's buttons
among the golds and greens
and hesitate,
hoping for a glimpse of you—
your voice,
your eyes
so deep,
so blue.


Artesian Waters

but perhaps you chose this body
not so that you'd not be alone
but that all might see
that physical attraction
is not sufficient.

You've slept so long
that you weep when I tell you
what you've revealed
in dream,
when all the eyes of being
open like peonies,
their nectar
having drawn healing,
like the helping ant, near.

Your sadness reaches
like your hand—
clutched in you for a moment,
I perceive that you've arched
into the doorway:
no longer alone,
your deep beauty has drawn me
through space and time
in a curved line.

Clenched in your belly
like a stillborn child
lies your sorrow.
At first thinking it my own,
I recognized the pain as yours:
the notes greener
and more reedy.

Today I heard your joy,
welling like sweet water
that you'd dowsed
but lost,
years ago.

here, in the still, small voice,
the point
of all that is
and was and will be,
the word still bubbles still
still, Come.

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