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Talking Hi al

Hi Aaron Poul

I am so happy and humble that you answered me... I could feel your energy SO strong, and "see" your abilities as I know you have multiple of.

LOL (now in the radio the playing I am an alien) in the Danish radio.) Another Synchrony in our daily life..,

Maybe you SHOULD write a book, with your experiences. I did that, and have drawn lots of drawings...last 30 years. Article. etc.etc. and all of it are not from this World either.. YOU are this new generation WHO can use it in your daily life...more and more will the scientist use the cosmic knowledge some people can receive.

Another thing A.P. this way you are talking about how your "handle" your spirituality, no meditation before you take a little uturn up to other dimensions, planet clusters or whatever. Simple and Humble you "just" flow in...and out, used by the power of the mind. Without thinking so much about, that was how I saw you..and that is the future spiritually people...would could do LOL, the meantime , we have to live in both Worlds LOL.

Ulla have a awesome day all of you ...
Love yourself first, then you can love others.

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