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Originally Posted by ULLA RUNCHEL
Hi Again


I have think about your energy all day long,..we are all special..but there is something extra about you...a SHINE from your Heart, bright and awesome..have you always been a child with many experiences , used your conscious as guide to look into many dimensions...or is it too private to ask for,.have a GREAT day.



I am so glad you said hello again.

I have had SO MANY experiences. I have them every day. I'm flattered that someone I've just come in contact with gave attention to my spirit. I'm sending some Heart Light back to you.

It's hard to be exact in stating truthfully if I've been able to view many dimensions but I know that I have traveled to places that are not of this world. I've not really forced this ability or tried to make it stronger. it just comes and goes. like when a phone rings I kind of just go there if I choose to answer the call. I've had times where I've had to put the call on hold. But I'm always able to get the voice mail ...

Don't get me started I could write a book.

I hope you've had a wonderful day and I hope you have a wonderful tomorrow...

take care,
Aaron Paul
Warm Regards from the Cat and I,
Aaron Paul
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