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Default Hearts

Have been contemplating the human heart;
how delicate it truly is ( Beautiful really,
when it opens like a flower to embrace itself)...

But what is it made of? Not the one that pumps blood thru
our bodies, but the ethereal heart; what does it consists of?
i think of the many stories of people who have died and
come back; how they say they go towards the light and feel
immersed in cosmic love. Are they walking right into the heart
of consciousness? And could the heart of consciousness be the
heart of God? And is that what our hearts are made of too?
Are they one and the same; Heart and Consciousness?
Consciousness and God? Is that the God that is within?
Think about it? When we are feeling our hearts, what is the
heart essentially? Where are those feelings coming from?

Again i think of how delicate the heart is; my own heart in
particular. i remember once i said to Brit "some things we just
don't get over". Like for instance, my father (among many fine
outstanding attributes) was a pedophile and that caused great
damage to my heart. i truly believe i am quite content today
flying solo as a result. Now Shirley would say i created it all in
order to navigate thru it all to arrive at just this place of
contentment. But while that notion resonates with me, it also
prompts me to wonder just how far back the damage goes?
How many lifetimes back does it go?
Or is it that we are all one heart and the damage is collective
for the myriad reasons; from the myriad harmful things
happening all at once? And what we feel in our hearts is
every heart. Perhaps that's what empathy truly is? Feeling
the cosmic heart.

You may say to me you don't have these troubles; your heart
is fine. and that's fine.

But what i'm realizing is (tho i am at peace and quite content
with myself these days) my heart is still broken and has been for
a very long time. Just an observation. No prayers please. i'm fine.

But if you should be inclined to share some revelation you have
about your own heart? or some revelation you have about the
cosmic heart? Well now, that would be grand. Soft Grin...

Joy and Light,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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